Wednesday, July 29, 2009

KGP -- A Juggernaut in the making

KGP -- KGP Group of Programmers, the recursive name shudders through me a flow of intense adrenaline! And I hope the plans and views that I have set for this 'TO BE' giant, turn out frightingly stupendous!

It's tough to say where it all started, but I know where's it going. I don't know if all my friends who have certainly made the abstract plans to hardware fabrication, share the same intensity and far[t] sightedness. I ain't boasting, and u'll realise in a matter of few kilos of words that I really am having a far[t] sightedness :D.

What is the KGP -- to be as simple as possible, it is an effort to produce "sexy" code. Sexy not only in terms of ideas, but in terms of Coding Style, Technologies, Architecture etc. It's an effort to churn out Cormen( the person ), yes why not! We've got to start somewhere, and maybe my batch has to do the dirty work of flooring, who the FUCK cares! What matters is that you contribute, and that contribution is rememberd not as a "Memorial" but as a profession!

I have many plans with KGP, first of all I would like to teach my juniors, teach won't be the right word.. I should rather use guide, towards a learning of practical aspects of coding. Today code is not all about a single piece of C code which can run with the good ol' gcc mybullshitfile.c followed by ./thiswillconquerortheworld.out :D. Rather we need an organised effort, roots of which can be derived from the community of Open Source!

Here I wish to tell that Open Source is a community rather than a category of software, a community which has people who understand the importance of collaborative coding, and also the idiocracies of Licenses etc. And this includes those from the heart of FSF( read Linux if confused ) to the backwaters of Microsoft and there's no one to say that the Microsoft guy should be hanged over all the code he's written. No!, Open Source is a place to learn and not to spread communism!

I like the model of Open Source and hence adopt it for most of my processes of programming, may be it Technologies to choice of Languages this community helps you out anywhere and everywhere :). This is exactly what I would wish to see.. KGP adopting the idiocracy as well as charm of Open Source Architecture. And I am sure working with a bunch of to-be 'Geeks' will be a fun experience!

What can't we achieve, there's nothing out of our reach! Making softwares can be fun and why can't we make competitive code ? All's needed is organised effort and that's what had been lacking till now! I won't be surprised to see scores of ideas in sections like 'Sandbox' and 'Incubation', and many being completed and launched. It has to get bigger! The Juggernaut has to roll to engulf all. Just look at the consequences, we might end up in a system where code is being produced and not just for voluntary ideas but maybe for companies! We can get work for sites of the magnitude of Kshitij and SF, why not ? Aren't we meant for this fate ?

Can't we produce winners in comptt like Imagine Cup, GSoC and lot's more of them ? Just the organised effort was missing and I and my batch hope to fulfil it with our gift to this beautiful institute, a gift to our juniors.... KGP!

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