Sunday, July 12, 2009

1984 by George Orwell -- Devastatingly Serene !

Recently I laid my hands upon the much celebrated Dystopian Novel in English literature, 1984 by George Orwell. This book written in 1949( The exact details can be wikied out ) has been a relevance even after a Golden Jubilee! There are loads of reviews you could find on the internet, but I feel redundancy has always been a feature of this Webbified world !

Starting off with the genre this book belongs to -- Dystopian, Violent, Sexual and Aggressive -- truly exhilarating! Dystopian Literature is that form of thinking which is restricted to a Policy and Doctrine, the vision of a society in which conditions of life are miserable and characterized by poverty.

And hence the elements of Violence, Sexual Obscenity and Aggression can hardly be left out. At first the idea that:


Would make you fretted. Same was with me, though it is easy to swallow the fact that our ancestors could be "stupid" enough to believe in the above non-sense! But after I read the book and the views put forward by Goerge via our Narrator -- Winston Smith, you are made to rethink, with terms like "doublethink", "thoughtcrime", "crimestop"... a whole new train of thoughts tramp through!

Here's my favourite pick of thought: The author justifies pretty effortlessly that War is indeed peace, and here's how.

War has been a way for communities and rulers to impose their power and expand territory. But it has been a nature of law, until now, that one war gave rise to another, one conqueror to other. No one thought of ruling the world, FOREVER. The thought never came as they knew they were mortal, one day they had to give way to thier hiers who could be least potent of taking the legacy forward. But the "Party" which rules "Oceania" -- the piece of land on which our Narator is a part -- has different plans. They redefine war from roots, changing the very behaviour, meaning and purpose!

All that party wants is Power, immense power, a power which gives rise to power! They have a head in the form of Big Brother, whose very existence is doubtful. But one thing that is fixed is the "Party"! No person exist independently, and party shall rule forever as it is immortal. For them the greatest reason for "revolutions" in the past have been the Human Emotions, their heart and ability to think have overthrown empires to dust. The plan is simple, keep them in tight control. How to do it ? Eat up all the resources, drain them emotionally, make sex taboo, beat them, kill them, mercilessly! Monitor them day and night -- Thought Police they call it.

War is just a way to keep the resources busy, away from the reach of common man! What they want is not the betterment of people but more POWER. The wars have never been targetted to overthrow rivals, they hardly happen anywhere other than frontiers. Even the frontiers are ill defined. No major power tries to invade into other's territory... war is a convinient way to divert excess -- rather vital -- resources to wastelands!

Party feels that man can either be free, freedom in terms of intellectual and mental, or happy. Both things don't go hand in hand. It is easy to imagine, happiness is what they give! People are starving, dying, ailing of epidemics, but they are happy -- because the "Party" is their saviour!

I can go on and on with the doctrines of the "Party" and the ways in which Ocieana was controlled. But you would rather get your own hands dirty with the fantastic and heretic novel it is!

Happy Reading

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